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References facilitate companies in getting additional details about their in question candidates, further than what is being mentioned in their resumes. This additional information offers better insight to an applicant's capabilities and work principles.

A Referral check is an important tool for an employer who is not looking for a regular pre-employment screening or regular background verification. This technique is normally used for the verification of senior-level professional. Referral checks can be a way out for avoiding the effect of difference of opinion after interview selection process. These referral checks are normally time saving and beneficial safety measures for employers. By directly getting in touch with colleagues and co-workers helps in verification of a candidate's employment history as well his potentials and expertise can also be checked.

During this stage of the hiring process employers should pay attention to eve minutest details about a candidate. Companies put a lot of things at stake when they are hiring and a bad hire as result of inadequate and careless reference check process will affect in long run. From the hiring company's perspective, at senior level, a reference check is the one of the most apt way to get details about a candidate's technical and core competencies, past performance, behavior, character, personality, soft skills, credibility, time-management, people managing skills, etc.

CIIW is loaded with ancillary of skilled professionals who poses extensive vast knowledge and communicative skills to obtain significant and consequential information about candidates from references.
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