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Employment Background Verification

For a lot of organizations, employee background verification is the only most crucial background screening conducted. Still there are many companies who struggle with the time duration spent in validation of ex-supervisors or other employees authorized to verify previous employment. CIIW pioneers the employment background screening industry with solutions created to make sure your applicant posses the background skillfulness, aptitudes and attitudes to make an affirmative difference in your company, whether they are interviewee, contractors, volunteers or employees, from any geographical location.

At CIIW, we offer wide-ranging employee background checks that only verify job titles and employment dates but also comprises of the information about the employee's reason for leaving, salary earned and eligibility for rehiring. Our background verification process gives our business associates the assurance that applicants have the needed expertise to carry out in the position for which they are applying. Employee Background checks are frequently asked by employers on job applicants for employment background screening, particularly on appliers who are looking for a job opening which needs high security. These background verification results comprise of criminal history, past employment verification, educational details and financial history.

These employee background verifications are often brought into play by employers as a channel to objectively evaluate an applicant's educational qualifications, physical health, and character and to ascertain possible hiring risks for safety causes. Background checks are also used to thoroughly meticulously look into probable employees in turn to be given a clean chit. Background screening is normally carried to verify the details provided by an applicant on a job application or resume. These checks might also be carried out as a possible way to further set apart probable candidates and choose the one the employer thinks is the most suited candidate for the job opening. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their work environment if secure and safe for each and every employee of his company and lends a hand in averting other work issues in the office.

Employment Verification Basic

The additional report for Employment Verification Advance offers details about candidate's performance traits. These attributes comprise of communication skills, duties and responsibilities, professional strengths/core competencies, ability to handle pressure, weaknesses, inter-personal skills, time-management skills, people management skills, reliability, integrity, honesty, attitude, effectiveness in meeting goals, overall performance rating, etc.

This will be a holistic employment verification background check.

Employment Verification Advance

The additional report contains applicant's performance characteristics. This includes detailed duties and responsibilities, communication skills, professional strengths/core competencies, weaknesses, ability to handle pressure, inter-personal skills, people management skills, time-management skills, effectiveness in meeting goals, reliability, honesty, integrity (especially useful for accounts, marketing, purchase, cash-handling positions, etc), attitude, overall performance rating, etc. This will be a holistic employment verification background check.
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